In my table I got a column whose value is whether 0 or 1. If that column is 0 I output the value as 'no'; if 1 I should output as 'yes' for all rows. How can I do this only using SQL statement. Thanks

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I understand that this question (which shows up at the top of google results for "sql server inline if") is 2 years old, but with SQL Server 2012, the answers are somewhat outdated. It also appears to be a duplicate of SQL inline if statement type question, but that question (being an even older one), doesn't have an up to date answer either.

In SQL Server 2012 you can use the IIF function:

IIF ( boolean_expression, true_value, false_value )


SELECT IIF(someColumn = 1, 'yes', 'no')
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SQL Server does not have an inline if statement, but it does have an inline case that can be use to accomplish the same.

Case has two forms, one is:

 case MyFlag 
   when 1 then 'YES'
   when 0 then 'NO'
   else 'OOPS'
from MyTable

where it's used just like a switch in C-like languages and the other is:

   when MyFlag = 1 then 'YES'
   when MyFlag = 0 then 'NO'
   -- when some unrelated condition...
   else 'OOPS'
from MyTable

where it senquentially evaluates a list of conditions and returns the first that is fulfiled.

P.S. The end part is mandatory, and I usually forget that. It's also usual for a simple case stament to be completely inlined, like

select (case MyFlag when 1 then 'Yes' else 'No' end) as MyFlagDesc

Two possibilities:

(CASE WHEN condition1 THEN Value1 ELSE Value2 END)

or, the most complete solution:

(CASE value_to_check WHEN Value1 THEN Result1 [WHEN ... THEN ...] ELSE OtherResult END)

Something like this:

    CASE YourColumn
       WHEN 0 THEN 'no'
       WHEN 1 THEN 'yes'
       ELSE 'nothing'
FROM dbo.YourTable

I mixed three IIF in one line, I have three variables and I want to know which one is greater than zero but I know the order of priority PersonHomePhoneID , PersonWorkPhoneID and PersonCellPhoneID

IIF(@PersonHomePhoneID > 0 , @PersonHomePhoneID, IIF(@PersonWorkPhoneID > 0 , @PersonWorkPhoneID, IIF(@PersonCellPhoneID > 0 , @PersonCellPhoneID, 0))) 

The answer of question :

IIF(column = 1 , 'yes', IIF(column = 0, 'no', ''))
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