I was trying to upload my hexo to github page.

$ hexo g -d
INFO  Validating config 
Inferno is in development mode.
INFO  === Checking package dependencies ===
INFO  === Checking theme configurations ===
INFO  === Registering Hexo extensions ===
INFO  Start processing
INFO  Files loaded in 740 ms
INFO  0 files generated in 182 ms
INFO  Deploying: git
INFO  Clearing .deploy_git folder...
INFO  Copying files from public folder...

Then it will stop here without reporting any errors. Nothing is upload to my github repo.I can see the latest docs in .deploy_git. And I found that I can use 'git push' inside .deploy_git to upload to my repo.

I'm pretty sure that I add space after each colon in _config.yml. And the link is definitely correct. Is there any idea about this problem?

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Run :

npm un hexo-deployer-git
npm i hexojs/hexo-deployer-git


The test is effective

  • Thanks. I tried to reinstall again today. It works even I didn't use your commands. It seems the problem is casued by hexo or github or something else.....
    – wjykyhhh
    Feb 9, 2021 at 18:24

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