I am struggling with a problem that I have to integrate sending message to Skype users in daily. I've tried using API (https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/pages/http-api#operation/executeConversationAction) to run action and trigger intent but it didn't work. I think the problem here is botframework is not supported output channel because it worked on Telegram.

This is the result when output channel is botframework but it doesn't appear when I set it by telegram

How can I do this task? Thanks.

enter image description here


I believe that the botframework channel is not supported because it doesn't implement a get_output_channel method, which is used for the intent injection.

However, I'm not sure why that is the case, as I'm not familiar with the channel. It would be dependent on the type of communication connection, i.e. if in botframework Rasa is able to send messages to the channel without having received one first. In the channel code, sending a message looks like a POST request, so I would assume that is the case.

I think you could open an enhancement request in the Rasa repo for this.

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