I am using React JS (that comes with JHipster) to serve my website. Now I am integrating Google Admob which requires me to add app-ads.txt to the website. I played around with the existing code when I needed to add new pages such privacy and terms however they contain decorations (header / footer).

However when I tried to introduce new path app-ads.txt it just show Your request cannot be processed.


const Routes = () => (
  <div className="view-routes">
      <ErrorBoundaryRoute path="/logout" component={Logout}/>
      <PrivateRoute path="/admin" component={Admin} hasAnyAuthorities={[AUTHORITIES.ADMIN]}/>
      <ErrorBoundaryRoute path="/terms" exact component={Terms}/>
      <ErrorBoundaryRoute path="/privacy" exact component={Privacy}/>
      <ErrorBoundaryRoute path="/app-ads.txt" exact component={AppAds}/> // not working
      <ErrorBoundaryRoute path="/" exact component={HomeNew}/>
      <PrivateRoute path="/" component={Entities} hasAnyAuthorities={[AUTHORITIES.USER]}/>
      <ErrorBoundaryRoute component={PageNotFound}/>


import React from 'react';

export const AppAds = () => {
  return (
      google.com, pub-24159654231069759, DIRECT, f08c47asdec0942fa0

The idea is when user hits mydomainexample/app-ads.txt my website should only return its content without any decorations (header / footer).

It kinda work when I changed the new path with app-ads (without .txt) however the displayed content has decorations which I don't want.

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    Don't add it to the router, just put it in the public directory which is used for serving static files. – Matt Clark Feb 8 at 3:39
  • Thank you for the pointer @MattClark! I updated the CopyWebpackPugin my webpack.common.js with { from: './src/main/webapp/app-ads.txt', to: 'app-ads.txt' } to get it working – abiieez Feb 8 at 3:48

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