I've been questioning myself why the CURDATE() doesn't work on my SQL query:

$sql = $database->get_assoc("SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `post_date` = CURDATE()");
echo $sql['title'].' | '.$sql['status'].' | '.$sql['post_date'];

It only returns the separator |, and the data is not there. However, if I change the CURDATE() from the query to its actual date (e.g. 2021-02-08), it does work. It should print the data as set from the echo code above for example:

Beep Boop | Scheduled | 2021-02-08

I've tried the same query using SQL fiddle and it shows the data fine. The post_date is only set to date, not datetime.

What am I missing / doing wrong? Many thanks in advance!

[EDIT] This has been answered by Shamim.

  • try SELECT CURDATE() to debug the results. There are a few more issues: do not use table as table name, the backtick at post_date is not required and don't SELECT * – Raptor Feb 8 at 4:27
  • @Raptor I just use the table as an example, it really isn't my table's name. Also, your suggestion will not return anything if I don't select any column? – Aki Feb 8 at 4:35

Be sure you have today's date record in your table then

Check post_date column datatype or format of your date it must be YYYY-mm-dd format

Try this


$sql = $database->get_assoc("SELECT * 
FROM `table` 
WHERE `post_date` = CURDATE()");
echo $sql['title'].' | '.$sql['status'].' | '.$sql['post_date'];


$sql = $database->get_assoc("SELECT ,DATE(post_date) post_date 
FROM `table` 
WHERE DATE(`post_date`) = CURDATE()");
echo $sql['title'].' | '.$sql['status'].' | '.$sql['post_date'];

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