I use the following (standard)-Pulumi - Code to create a simple resource:

  public MyStack()

        var current = Output.Create(GetSubscription.InvokeAsync());
        this.CurrentSubscriptionDisplayName = current.Apply(current => current.DisplayName);

        // Create an Azure Resource Group
        var resourceGroup = new ResourceGroup("dingdongdiehexisttot");  // TODO: Conf

        // Create an Azure Storage Account
        var storageAccount = new Account("storage", new AccountArgs
            ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
            AccountReplicationType = "LRS",
            AccountTier = "Standard"

        // Export the connection string for the storage account
        this.ConnectionString = storageAccount.PrimaryConnectionString;

this fails with a 403 because it is created in a subscription where I am not allowed to create resources into. I have multiple subscriptions and want to define WHICH subscription to be used. I can retrieve the current using "GetSubscription" but did not find any method to actually SET which subscription to use.

How can I define the subscription to be used

(I successfully logged in using az login before runnung pulumi up)

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Several options here:

  1. Select your target subscription with the Azure CLI: az account set --subscription SUBSCRIPTION

  2. Use pulumi config set azure:subscriptionId SUBSCRIPTION.

  3. Set the environment variable ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID.

  4. Use Explicit Providers and configure it in the provider's properties.

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