I've got a bunch of generated types (via GraphQL codegen) that look like this:

type X = {
  a?: Maybe<number>
  b?: Maybe<Array<MyType> | MyType>
  c?: Maybe<MyType2>
  d?: Maybe<Array<MyType3> | MyType3>

// Maybe is:
// type Maybe<T> = T | null | undefined;

For fields b and d, the codegen does the right thing according to GraphQL spec (see this issue) but in my specific codebase, I need to transform all the types to basically this:

type X2 = {
  a?: Maybe<number>
  b?: Maybe<Array<MyType>>
  c?: Maybe<MyType2>
  d?: Maybe<Array<MyType3>>

How to write a type utility that does this?

(Manually, it would be done like this:)

type X2 = Omit<X, 'b' | 'd'> & {
  b?: Maybe<Array<MyType>>;
  d?: Maybe<Array<MyType3>>;
  • For this to be a minimal reproducible example it would be nice to see some explicit definitions of your MyTypes. I don't want to write something up and find out that MyType3 extends Array<MyType2> or something weird like that.
    – jcalz
    Feb 8, 2021 at 16:57

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It's a bit tricky to tease union members apart from each other, and I'm not 100% sure about the general use case, but here's one way you might approach it:

type Xform<T> = {
  [K in keyof T]: T[K] extends Maybe<infer V> ?
  Extract<V, Array<any>>[number] extends infer R ?
  T[K] extends Maybe<Array<R> | R> ?
  : T[K] : T[K] : T[K]

type X2 = Xform<X>;
/* type X2 = {
    a?: Maybe<number>;
    b?: Maybe<MyType[]>;
    c?: Maybe<MyType2>;
    d?: Maybe<MyType3[]>;
} */

Basically what I'm doing is: for each key K in the keys of T, I'm checking the property value T[K]. If any of my tests fail I will just return the property value unchanged as T[K]. The tests I'm performing: is T[K] assignable to Maybe<V> for some V? If so, find any members of a union V that are Array<any> and get their element type, and save it into a new type parameter R (for convenience). Then finally: is T[K] assignable to Maybe<Array<R> | R>? If so, then return Maybe<Array<R>>. So we're looking for properties of the form Maybe<Array<XYZ> | XYZ> and converting them to Maybe<Array<XYZ>>, otherwise we're leaving them alone.

It's always possible that edge cases will pop up; if any of the types MyType or XYZ are themselves arrays or if you have unions of other things (e.g., Maybe<MyType[] | MyType2>), but hopefully this at least gives you some direction.

Playground link to code

  • This is fantastic, and seems to work great for the graphql-code-generator use case. Thank you! Feb 8, 2021 at 18:10

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