I have downloaded the Zxing Barcode Scanner code for Android, but I can't find the package com.google.zxing in the source code. I think there's a missing library or JAR file for the project. Can anybody help me find that package?

These are the unresolved imports:

  import com.google.zxing.BarcodeFormat;
  import com.google.zxing.Result;
  import com.google.zxing.ResultMetadataType;
  import com.google.zxing.ResultPoint;
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The classes you are looking for are in the core module.

  • so the core file generated with appache ant has to be added as external jar file even for the new project – png Dec 27 '11 at 10:12

What a headache to see the classes in the download.zip's core folder but there is no "core.jar", so here's where to get that jar file...


  1. Under "Just Need a Jar", click the "Maven release repository" link.
  2. Click "core/"
  3. Click on the Zxing version you downloaded. (Though mine is 4.7.5 (shown on zip folder name) it worked with version 3.2.1
  4. Click on core-x.x.x.jar to download. (x's are version number)

I put that core.jar where the Zxing project folder is, inside core folder so I wouldn't lose it.

After that, (if using Eclipse)

  1. Right click CaptureActivity project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path
  2. (Left Side Select) Java Build Path
  3. Libraries tab
  4. Add External JARs...
  5. Select the core-x.x.x.jar previously downloaded
  6. Click OK

This took all those missing errors away for me, but left errors in switch statements that I read needs to be changed to if/else statements, but that's for another topic.

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