I am using Angular 8 with Formly for creating a select input type with search. As a solution, I found that ng-select will suit me well.

The question is how can I link the [model] directive to the Formly field which uses my custom template ?

Note: I do not want to use a plain text, like model.my.special.key - I need to give it something general. This way I can use it with other fields that I want to make use of this selector with search.

In more details what I did so far:

  1. I have created a new @Component that extends FieldType and has a template that uses the selector for displaying the options it receives as input

  selector: "SelectorWithSearchModule",
  template: `
      placeholder="{{ to.label }}"
export class SirutaModule extends FieldType implements OnInit {}

  1. I have declared this new Component in app.module.ts and extented the Formly types with it: eg:

import { SelectorWithSearchModule } from "./types/selector/special-selector.component"; // declaration
FormlyModule.forRoot({ // from here begins the Formly definition
types: [
  name: "special-selector",
  component: SelectorWithSearchModule 

  1. I am using the special-selector name when defining new Formly fields

  className: "col-8",
  type: "special-selector",
  key: "my.hierarchy.key",
  templateOptions: {
    label: "some label here",
    options: ["option_one", "option_two"]

I want that in the end, the key my.hierarchy.key to contain the value user selected in my custom template, but it is not very clear how.

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