Inside Webview2 when I open a new tab, a new window outside WindowsForms is open. I want to prevent this window to Open, how can I do that?


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You can handle CoreWebView2.NewWindowRequested to decide about new window

  • To completely suppress the popup, set e.Handled = true;
  • To show the popup content in the same window, set e.NewWindow = (CoreWebView2)sender;
  • To open in another specific instance, set e.NewWindow to the other CoreWebView2 instance.

For example:

//using Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core;
//using Microsoft.Web.WebView2.WinForms;

WebView2 webView21 = new WebView2();
private async void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    webView21.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
    webView21.Source = new Uri("Https://stackoverflow.com");
    await webView21.EnsureCoreWebView2Async();
    webView21.CoreWebView2.NewWindowRequested += CoreWebView2_NewWindowRequested;

private void CoreWebView2_NewWindowRequested(object sender,
    CoreWebView2NewWindowRequestedEventArgs e)
    e.NewWindow = (CoreWebView2)sender;
    //e.Handled = true;

To complement @Reza answer I was having this exact problem in VB.Net but all the answers were for C# so im going to post it in here if anyone else needs it.

First make sure to import this:

Imports Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core
Imports Microsoft.Web.WebView2.WinForms

And then add this 2 events just replace wVBrowser with your Webview2 control name.

Private Sub wVBrowser_CoreWebView2InitializationCompleted(sender As Object, e As CoreWebView2InitializationCompletedEventArgs) Handles wVBrowser.CoreWebView2InitializationCompleted
            AddHandler wVBrowser.CoreWebView2.NewWindowRequested, AddressOf CoreWebView2_NewWindowRequested
        End Sub
Private Sub CoreWebView2_NewWindowRequested(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core.CoreWebView2NewWindowRequestedEventArgs)
            e.Handled = True
        End Sub

Just be careful about where you register the WebView.CoreWebView2.NewWindowRequested event..

I tried to use Browser.Initialized event in which handler I would register this event handler but that event is never raised.

I had to use Browser.CoreWebView2InitializationCompleted and now everything works just fine..

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