I have configured PostgreSQL cluster to synchronous replication like that:

synchronous_standby_names = '1("server_1","server_2")'
synchronous_commit = remote_apply

Whenever we try to do some action on the database (insert/update/create) the process hangs up, and if I am canceling the process I get this warning:

WARNING: canceling wait for synchronous replication due to user request
DETAIL: The transaction has already committed locally, but might not have been replicated to the standby.

I can see that after update, the data is updated only in the primary but it doesn't replicate to the standby server.

I have inspected the process in pg_stat_activity and I have found out that the process waits for SyncRep. The process record in pg_stat_activity looks like that:

wait_event_type = IPC
wait_event = SyncRep

I have tried to check the replication. I have inspected the pg_replication_slot and pg_stat_replication. All the replication slots are in active state, and the lsn looks like it updates correctly. In pg_stat_replication there is no lag, but it looks like the replication sync_state is async for all slots.

I have also checked the pg_stat_wal_receiver in the standby server, and it looks like there is nothing special in there. I have also checked the wal_receiver_status_interval and it's configured to 10s.

Do you have any idea what can cause this problem?

PostgreSQL version: 10.7

  • Does pg_stat_replication show either server_1 or server_2 as the application_name for any of them? can you show us the actual output? – jjanes Feb 14 at 17:22

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