Has Ant Design project been deleted? They were one of the biggest opensource frontend framework for React.

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    Seems like they are still available on: gitee.com/ant-design/ant-design . Could be they are trying to leave github for the Chinese alternative? – Jeggy Feb 14 at 17:10
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    Looks like they have migrated ant-design.gitee.io – Nishant Kumar Feb 14 at 17:33
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    It's weird for such a huge project to just leave Github without notice.. – Jeggy Feb 14 at 17:38
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    If this is so, its quite unprofessional from their side. All the issue tracking, PR's and such are linked to the github "version". You can't even browse their changelog properly(at ant-design.gitee.io) as not a single link on the page actually leads to a valid resource. – zhulien Feb 14 at 17:55
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    Seems like Ant Design wasn't the only repo moved over to Gitee. I can also see Chemex chemex.it and a couple of other repos gone from Github. – Vardenis Pavardenis Feb 14 at 23:31

According to a Twitter post by Ant Design:

Ant Design GitHub reprository disppears without known reason, we are looking into it and seeking recover help from @github @GitHubHelp


PD: I'm also the mantainer


There is a lot of speculation:

For now, you can check the mirror for the repo here, and the docs here.


Seems the site is online again ant.design

Take also in mind @yesmek's comment (antd design maintainer) on GitHub:

We are investigating the cause of the problem.

And his response in Reddit as well:

Gov owned repo ?

Maintainer of ant-design/ant-design here, it's not true, we are investigating the cause of the problem.

We're all in panic, maybe we have too many dependencies on this project, just go and take some coffee and lets wait this valentine's day ends pretty well, for code lovers as all of us.


Seems like it was hacked and removed from github.Twitter screenshot


As for as I know, they're not moving to Gitee (Ant Design is about dozens of repositories). It seems to be hacked and they're investigating this with GitHub.


they moved from github to gitee:



Seems like the whole repo has been moved from GitHub to gitee an alternative to github based in china.

New URL for antd repo: (posibly a mirror but not official comments about it) https://gitee.com/ant-design/ant-design

Documentation: https://ant-design.gitee.io/docs/react/introduce


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