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Hi I am a working about AT&T assembly x86 architecture programming and I need emacs editor with assembly functions. So, I am editing with assembly editing mode asm-mode and gas-mode.

I have a question about MULTIPLE COMMENTS LINES funcionality. When I select a region like buffer full with C-x h and automatic format with C-M \ if the multiple lines comments are at column 0 there is no problem, the result is OK. But if the block of multiple comments (# symbol) lines are at comments column field, par example column 34

    movl (%ebp), eax  # comment line 0
                      # comment line 1
                      # comment line 2

the process of format full-buffer automation C_M \ put the comments line at star of the line in column 0.

What can I do, please, if i want comments blocks begin at comment column field ? There is some elisp function for beautyfing differentes types of comments o differents comments-char symbol, par example # for field comment column number and ## for column 0?

Thanks in advance Candido

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After some lectures I have a solution to the problem of comment levels. There is no user guide about asm programming mode, but reading emacs manual and some intuition with asm-mode.el elisp language, I have some conclusions:

  • Use asm mode and not gas mode.
  • customize asm comment char to # symbol.
  • off the fill paragraph with C-x . command.
  • Use 4 comment levels:

    # -> end line comment

    ## -> operand column comment

    ### -> begin line comment

    /* */ -> multiple line comments

  • C-M\ re-indenting region

  • M-; -> re-indenting comment line
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