I have about 60 landing pages that use different phone numbers on them. I am using a combination of WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields to place the phone numbers on their respective pages.

I am being asked to show a <div> based on the landing page URL that will not only show the phone number assigned to that page, but, keep showing the <div> (and phone number) regardless of what page the user navigates to on the website.

I have found little to no support on how to make the <div> remain visible throughout the entire session until the user closes the window.

I am thinking that this will somehow revolve around a cookie and Dynamic Number Insertion but I have no real progress to speak of. Should this be done using PHP or JS? Does a plugin exist that would allow for this on WordPress? I'm open to all suggestions.

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    have you had chance to check my code below? – Chengmin Feb 22 at 13:34
  • Getting tested now. – ben.kaminski Feb 22 at 14:55

Please try this code. Like @John C mentioned, WP Engine doesn't recommend Cookie nor PHP Session for the sake of performance and security. This is pure JavaScript code, and I think this will solve your problem.

Code in your Post/Page template file:

<div id="phone-number"></div>
<?php if( get_field('phone_number') ): ?>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        let phone_number = "<?php the_field('phone_number'); ?>";
<?php endif; ?>

Code in your theme JavaScript file:

<script type="text/javascript">
    // in the case of the div data is persistent on the same site
    // let storage = localStorage;

    // in the case of the div data is persistent in the same tab, but not in new tab
    let storage = sessionStorage;
    let key = "phone_number"; // storage key

    var global_phone_number = storage.getItem(key);

    // check if storage data is set before
    if (null === global_phone_number) {
        // if not set the data on page into storage
        global_phone_number = phone_number ? phone_number : '';
        storage.setItem(key, global_phone_number);
    document.getElementById('phone-number').innerHTML = global_phone_number;
  • So far so good. A few questions though. I need to grab my phone number inserted via Advanced Custom Fields and place that where the dynamic data is showing. I'm assuming I can just get rid of the Math.random but how to insert the phone number based on the ACF phone number entry? Or possible workaround? I'm not worried about the script carrying over tabbed browsing, as long as it's working on the same site in same window is fine. – ben.kaminski Feb 22 at 15:38
  • Also, I only need the dynamic-data div loaded if the end user lands on a specific landing page. Using this method, even with private window is showing the div on every page. – ben.kaminski Feb 22 at 15:54
  • I am also getting this Gulp error when I separate the two sets of scripts: GulpUglifyError: unable to minify JavaScript Caused by: SyntaxError: Unexpected token: name «storage», expected: punc «;» – ben.kaminski Feb 22 at 16:02
  • I updated my code with ACF get_field() function. If you can't fix the issue, DM me with your site detail, so that I can help you – Chengmin Feb 23 at 2:53
  • Still getting JS error when separating into my site's JS file that is compiled using GULP. Still not producing any results except on the landing page itself. Does not carry over to other pages. Perhaps due to the JS error? – ben.kaminski Feb 23 at 21:40

You should use PHP and capture the session.

(untested code warning)

add_action('wp_footer', 'dynamic_phone_div');
function dynamic_phone_div() {

 if(isset($_SESSION['phone_div']) ? $phone_div = $_SESSION['phone_div'] : 
 $phone_div = '';

 if($phone_div != '') {

   echo '<div class="that_div_thing">';
   echo $phone_div;
   echo '</div>';

 } else {

   $_SESSION['phone_div'] = 123456789;
   echo '<div class="that_div_thing">';
   echo '123456789';
   echo '</div>';


This is only raw logic. I am not sure where your div is (header/footer/page) - depending on where it is you should either use a hook (header/footer) or code it into a template (page/post).

The session will be destroyed after the user closes the tab/window.

  • The <div> will live in the footer physically but appear just as a fixed bottom div (similar to GDPR). Just put up a bounty as I'm looking for a more detailed answer. – ben.kaminski Feb 16 at 21:53
  • Alright, so you need to use wp_head or wp_footer to insert the DIV and then just use CSS to position it. I edited my answer to insert it into the footer. – Fresz Feb 17 at 8:37
  • Relying on SESSION state is not always the best approach. It prevents the page from being cached on the server for instance and there have been security vulnerabilities. As such, some hosters don't even support it (eg WPEngine). – John C Feb 17 at 19:35
  • Security vulnerabilities? We are not talking about user account or log in... It's a simple text to be displayed. And regarding the cache... you know that your below script will be cached too, right? – Fresz Feb 17 at 20:04
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    It can be done without using cookie nor session, so don't need to disable their cache. Please check my answer below. – Chengmin Feb 19 at 1:13

I would probably do this with client side session storage. Providing all pages open in the same tab, the value will remain for the session, then be removed.

PHP code (in your functions.php file?) would be something like this:

function phone_script() {
    $params = array(
        'phone_number'      => null, // Insert logic for current number. Can stay null if this is running on a non-landing page
        'is_landing_page'   => false // Change to true/false based on is current page a landing one or not

    $params = json_encode( $params );

    echo <<< EOT;
        let settings = $params;

        document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
            if( settings.is_landing_page ) {
                window.sessionStorage.setItem( 'phone-number', settings.phone_number );
            } else {
                settings.phone_number = window.sessionStorage.getItem( 'phone-number' );
            if( settings.phone_number ) {
                let div = document.createElement('div');
                // or add inline style 
                // div.style.cssText = 'position:fixed'; //etc

                // Some logic here to actually add the number and any other content to the div
                div.innerHTML = `The Phone number is: ${settings.phone_number}`;

add_action( 'wp_footer', 'phone_script');

Note that the EOT; line MUST have no leading or trailing spaces.

The above is untested.

  • This echo <<< EOT; is causing a PHP error. – ben.kaminski Feb 22 at 16:42

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