how can I convert this simple if statement into :? (ternary) operator in C#?

case "amount": { if(!Decimal.TryParse( fvm.Value,out a)) a=Decimal.MinValue; break; }
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    the question should be: why? Seems pretty simple and easy to understand IMHO. I´d just put everything on new lines though. Feb 15, 2021 at 8:51

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You can either assign the value of a back to itself on success, or use a separate temporary variable (I'd prefer the latter):

case: "amount":
    a = decimal.TryParse(fvm.Value, out var tmp) ? tmp : decimal.MinValue;
a = Decimal.TryParse( fvm.Value,out var tmp) ? tmp : Decimal.MinValue;

I would personally prefer to create an helper method

public static decimal? ParseDecimal(string str) => Decimal.TryParse(str, out var tmp) ? (decimal?)tmp : null;

since that would let you use the null-coalescing operator:

a = ParceDecimal(fvm.Value) ?? decimal.MinValue

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