I'm trying to write error handling for one of the endpoints in phalcon.

If I set status code to client/server error code(4xx/5xx), then the response returned is empty. How can I fix that?


$test = [
    "test message"

$response->setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json')

In browser network tab, I get this as response (which is completely fine)

["test message"]

but if I just change the statusCode to say, 500


I get empty response

  • i just tried it with chrome's fetch and i got response. fetch('').then((res) => res.json()).then((s) => console.log(s))
    – Talal
    Feb 28 '21 at 14:58
  • try using post man also
    – Talal
    Feb 28 '21 at 15:00

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