In my pandas dataframe I have two columns I'm considering X1 and Score. I intend to recalculate and reassign value to values in column Score but where there respective X1 column is less than 500. The values in Score that don't meet this condition should remain as they were.

Currently when I run below code, It correctly changes the values of the Score that meets the condition (X1 column is less than 500) but the values for Score that were not recalculated were turned to NaN instead of maintaining their original values.

def do_not_try_this(df, card, feature, val):
    if df[df[feature]<val][feature].iloc[0] < val:
        current_score = card[feature]['points'].iloc[0]
        print('Current point', current_score)
        min_desired_score = card[feature].min()['points']
        print('Min point', min_desired_score)
        df.iloc[:,21] = (df[df[feature]<val]['scores'] + np.sum([current_score, min_desired_score])).astype(int)
        df['scores'] = df.iloc[:,21]
    return df

# Call Function
df = airtel_base_scores_df.copy(deep=True)
feature = 'X1'
val = 500

df = do_not_try_this(df, card, feature, val)

How do I go about solving this?

NB df.iloc[:,21] represents the values of column Score

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I think you need change:

df.iloc[:,21] = (df[df[feature]<val]['scores'] + np.sum([current_score, min_desired_score])).astype(int)


df.iloc[:,21] = ( df['scores'].mask(df[feature]<val, df['scores'] + np.sum([current_score, min_desired_score]))).astype(int)

for processing only values matching conditions in Series.mask.

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