I have developed a private chat feature for logged in users. Followed this tutorial [tutorial][1]

The issue is when I send a message to another user, message delivers instantly but shows undefine on both ends. However, the pusher debug console shows the message content and message table insert the record properly. After refreshing the page, I can see the real message.

undefine shows in the chat window. I've no idea where it's coming from. When clicking the send button, ajax call the controller method and push the data into a table and the pusher.

chat window

enter image description here

crome inspect

enter image description here

pusher debug console

enter image description here

Thanks for you support.

  • where your getting undefine in ajax or in echo ? please make clear question thanks – Kamlesh Paul Feb 16 at 11:26

the messages are getting from {!! $message->content !!}I changed this code into
{!! $message->message !!} now I can see the real message. Thanks for the viewers.

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