I am trying to remove the following characters from my dataframe- {space, ", ', \n, * and }. I am able to do it for the first four characters, but getting error for * and . Please help. The code I am using is-

df = df.replace(to_replace = ["'",'"'," ","\n","*","\"], value = ["","","","",""], regex=True)

also tried "\" inplace of "", still getting error.

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Try espape values by \ for special regex characters like *:

df = pd.DataFrame({'a':['ss""ss',"dd'e",'ww\n','rrr*\\']})
df = df.replace(["'",'"'," ",r"\n",r"\*",r"\\"], '', regex=True)
print (df)
0  ssss
1   dde
2    ww
3   rrr

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