I have a column in a dataset df which contains strings like these



I would like to determine the count and the percentage of numbers within them; so, for instance

Count      Percentage
15         (and the percentage compared to the length of the string)
4          ...
0          ...
19         ...

If I am not wrong I'd use a combination of is digit for determining the number of digits in the strings and len() for determining the length of the string, then the percentage.


You can count the number of digits in a string using Series.str.count with a regular expression. Additionally, you can get the length of each string in a series with Series.str.len(). Once you do that, calculating the percentage is straight forward!

df["digit_count"] = df["Webs"].str.count("\d")
df["total_characters"] = df["Webs"].str.len()
df["digit_percentage"] = df["digit_count"] / df["total_characters"] * 100

                                                Webs  digit_count  total_characters  digit_percentage
0  https://www.mhouse.com/107462464135489/posts/p...           30               103         29.126214
1  https://www.msed.com/IKONINIBWANASEEDMARCH2020...            4                51          7.843137
2                              https://www.msed.com/            0                21          0.000000
3  https://carrice.com/jen/stat/12410254205621780...           19                56         33.928571
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    didnt know i could do count('\d') . Does this mean i can use any regex to check for counts? Have to try it out – Joe Ferndz Feb 16 at 20:07
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    Yep! count works with any regex, so you can simply count the pattern matches as a more readable way of doing some combination of .str.extractall(..., expand=False) with .str.len() – Cameron Riddell Feb 16 at 20:20

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