$("#topNav" + $("#breadCrumb2nd").text().replace(" ", "")).addClass("current");

This is a snippet from my code. I want to add a class to an ID after getting another ID's text property. The problem with this, is the ID holding the text I need, contains gaps between the letters.

I would like the white spaces removed. I have tried TRIM()and REPLACE() but this only partially works. The REPLACE() only removes the 1st space.


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You have to tell replace() to repeat the regex:

.replace(/ /g,'')

The g character makes it a "global" match, meaning it repeats the search through the entire string. Read about this, and other RegEx modifiers available in JavaScript here.

If you want to match all whitespace, and not just the literal space character, use \s instead:


You can also use .replaceAll if you're using a sufficiently recent version of JavaScript, but there's not really any reason to for your specific use case, since catching all whitespace requires a regex, and when using a regex with .replaceAll, it must be global, so you just end up with extra typing:

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    Coffeescript will complain about that regex for some god awful reason. Instead I had to go ahead and using .replace(/\s+/g, '') which is totally fine by me. Jan 28, 2015 at 21:21
.replace(/\s+/, "") 

Will replace the first whitespace only, this includes spaces, tabs and new lines.

To replace all whitespace in the string you need to use global mode

.replace(/\s/g, "")

Now you can use "replaceAll":

console.log(' a b    c d e   f g   '.replaceAll(' ',''));

will print:


But not working in every possible browser:


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    I've also noticed that the replaceAll method runs almost twice as fast as the regex solutions. Not that it really matters much unless you're dealing with extremely large volumes, but just nice to know. Feb 4 at 9:38

Regex for remove white space


var str = "Visit Microsoft!";
var res = str.replace(/\s+/g, "");


[ ]+

var str = "Visit Microsoft!";
var res = str.replace(/[ ]+/g, "");

Remove all white space at begin of string

^[ ]+

var str = "    Visit Microsoft!";
var res = str.replace(/^[ ]+/g, "");

remove all white space at end of string

[ ]+$

var str = "Visit Microsoft!      ";
var res = str.replace(/[ ]+$/g, "");

    var mystring="fg gg";
   console.log(mystring.replaceAll(' ',''))

** 100% working

use replace(/ +/g,'_'):

let text = "I     love you"
text = text.replace( / +/g, '_') // replace with underscore ('_')

console.log(text) // I_love_you


Using String.prototype.replace with regex, as mentioned in the other answers, is certainly the best solution.

But, just for fun, you can also remove all whitespaces from a text by using String.prototype.split and String.prototype.join:

const text = ' a b    c d e   f g   ';
const newText = text.split(/\s/).join('');

console.log(newText); // prints abcdefg

let str = 'a big fat hen clock mouse '
console.log(str.split(' ').join(''))
// abigfathenclockmouse

simple solution could be : just replace white space ask key value

val = val.replace(' ', '')

Use replace(/\s+/g,''),

for example:

const stripped = '    My String With A    Lot Whitespace  '.replace(/\s+/g, '')// 'MyStringWithALotWhitespace'

Using .replace(/\s+/g,'') works fine;


this.slug = removeAccent(this.slug).replace(/\s+/g,'');
function RemoveAllSpaces(ToRemove)
    let str = new String(ToRemove);
    while(str.includes(" "))
        str = str.replace(" ", "");
    return str;

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