I am trying to share my instagram link on my facebook ...as a comment and I see people's thumbnails show up I used the facebook web debug and recrawled the link Get this err

Provided og:image URL, https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-19/s150x150/150641128_421936785552599_2140813299928655312_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent.cdninstagram.com&_nc_ohc=F_tNc7fmT9QAX9afsej&tp=1&oh=0b9a222710242c414abc236fc2a78ded&oe=605513DF was not valid because it did not meet the minimum size constraint of 200px by 200px.```

I have changed the instagram profile image in differnrt sizes..200p to 1000p ...diffrent formats... jpeg and png but it still doesnt populate.

  • If Facebook have a problem scraping Instagram you have to report it to Instagram. No one here will be able to do anything about that. – WizKid Feb 16 at 23:53

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