In case of using DynamoDB as event db and events arriving out of order, how can I ensure that data persisted in the table is always the latest. For example,

Table_a has a customer record that was updated on Feb 15, 2020. If a delayed event comes through with an updated date of Feb 14, 2020; I do not want to update the table. Doing a read and determining on a service could turn this into a costlier operation, so want to avoid that too. Looking for a solution where DynamoDB can internally handle this.

On Cassandra, this is possible as the client can provide the timestamp to determine the most recent update to a column. Wondering if DynamoDB supports this.

  • This is going to depend on how your date is stored. What does your table look like? What are you using as your primary key? Are you using a sort key? Feb 17, 2021 at 5:49

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DynamoDB supports conditional updates:

To perform a conditional update, you use an UpdateItem operation with a condition expression. The condition expression must evaluate to true in order for the operation to succeed; otherwise, the operation fails.


The expression should be something like LastModified < :dateFromEvent.

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