For the definition and the theorem below

Inductive le : nat -> nat -> Prop :=
  | le_n (n : nat)                : le n n
  | le_S (n m : nat) (H : le n m) : le n (S m).

Theorem Sn_le_Sm__n_le_m2 : forall n m,
  S n <= S m -> n <= m.
intros. remember (S n). remember (S m). induction H.
- subst. apply S_injective in Heqn1. subst. constructor.

When we go to the problem state, the local context shown in CoqIDE is

n, m, n0 : nat
Heqn0 : n0 = S n
m0 : nat
Heqn1 : S m0 = S m
H : n0 <= m0
IHle : m0 = S m -> n <= m

I cannot understand why we get IHle : m0 = S m -> n <= m. On my understanding, since the initial goal is forall n m, S n <= S m -> n <= m, the induction hypothesis should be S n <= S m0 -> n <= m0.

I would be much thankful if you could tell me why the induction hypothesis is not that in my mind.


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