I have a requirement of creating maps in react native. the requirements are as follows:

  • Only use use OpenStreetMap API's
  • Implement Dark Mode
  • The screens to be developed are -
  • screen 1
  • screen 2

I found there are 2 library's. react-native-maps and mapbox-gl. I read that react-native-maps user google-maps as provider . So in my case it will be not feasible as I have to use only OpenStreetMap provide.

Can anyone suggest me is there any other library where i can show such maps which in-turn should be using OpenStreetMap provider?

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Check out the StackOverflow Discussion, which might help you with your query.

How to integrate OpenStreetMap into a react-native project?

  • Thank you Jignesh. It really helped.
    – Shreya B
    Feb 24, 2021 at 14:07

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