I'm working on a script that should go through a photoshop document and relink all visible linked objects to a new specified file. I've gotten the loop working so that it cycles through every layer and collects only the visible layers, but for the life of me I can't find if there's a method available to relink a smart object. The closest I've found is this script:


but when it gets to desc3.putPath(idnull, new File(newFile));, it spits out an error indicating that the functionality may not be present in the current Photoshop version. The script itself is 4 years old so it may be out of date.

Any help would be appreciated!

MY script as it stands is below:


var files = File.openDialog("Please select new linked file");

var selectedFile = files[0];


var doc = app.activeDocument;
var allLayers = [];
var allLayers = collectAllLayers(doc, allLayers);

function collectAllLayers (doc, allLayers)
    for (var m = 0; m < doc.layers.length; m++)
        var theLayer = doc.layers[m];
        if (theLayer.typename === "ArtLayer")
            collectAllLayers(theLayer, allLayers);
    return allLayers;


var visibleLayers = [];

for (i = 0; i < allLayers.length; i++)
    var layer = allLayers[i];
    if (layer.visible && layer.kind == LayerKind.SMARTOBJECT)


for (i = 0; i < visibleLayers.length; i++)
    var layer = visibleLayers[i];

Note: I am aware that this script currently may be error-prone if you don't know exactly how it works; I'm not intending to publish it at this time so I'm not super concerned with that at the moment. Mostly I just need the core functionality to work.

  • Are you trying to relink all visibleLayers? what if they aren't smart objects..? Commented Feb 19, 2021 at 8:10
  • They will all be smart objects because when I'm using the script I will ensure that only smart objects are visible. That said, the line if (layer.visible && layer.kind == LayerKind.SMARTOBJECT) should ensure that only smart objects are being added to the visibleLayers array even if I miss something.
    – Arcane
    Commented Feb 20, 2021 at 13:27
  • to me it works fine. maybe paste your full script? Commented Feb 20, 2021 at 19:30
  • What is posted is the full script. What's missing is the functionality to replace the linked files that should be at //--> REPLACE THE FILE HERE. This is the functionality that I'm asking how to do.
    – Arcane
    Commented Feb 21, 2021 at 20:05
  • No, the full script would result in the error you posted (that the functionality may not be present in the current Photoshop version). I don't have this error with the snippet you provided — it successfully replaces SO contents — meaning you're doing something wrong in your full script or it's something wrong with your PS. Commented Feb 22, 2021 at 7:05

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I used an AM function for getting visible smart objects — it works much faster. But if you want you can use yours. The important bit is relinkSO(path);: it'll also work in your script (just don't forget to select a layer: activeDocument.activeLayer = visibleLayers[i];)

Note that it works similar to Photoshop Relink to File command — if used on one instance of Smart Object all the instances are going to be relinked. If you want to relink only specific layers you'll have to break instancing first (probably using the New Smart Object via Copy command)

function main() {
  var myFile = Folder.myDocuments.openDlg('Load file', undefined, false);
  if (myFile == null) return false;
  // gets IDs of all smart objects
  var lyrs = getLyrs();

  for (var i = 0; i < lyrs.length; i++) {
    // for each SO id...

    // select it

    // relink SO to file

    // embed linked if you want

  function getLyrs() {
        var ids = [];
        var layers, desc, vis, type, id;

          layers = 0;
        catch (e)
          layers = 1;

        while (true)
          ref = new ActionReference();
          ref.putIndex(charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), layers);
            desc = executeActionGet(ref);
          catch (err)
          vis = desc.getBoolean(charIDToTypeID("Vsbl"));
          type = desc.getInteger(stringIDToTypeID("layerKind"));
          id = desc.getInteger(stringIDToTypeID("layerID"));
          if (type == 5 && vis) ids.push(id);
        return ids;

  } // end of getLyrs()

  function selectById(id) {
        var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
        var ref = new ActionReference();
        ref.putIdentifier(charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), id);
        desc.putReference(charIDToTypeID('null'), ref);
        executeAction(charIDToTypeID('slct'), desc, DialogModes.NO);
  } // end of selectById()
  function relinkSO(path) {
      var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
      desc.putPath( charIDToTypeID('null'), new File( path ) );
      executeAction( stringIDToTypeID('placedLayerRelinkToFile'), desc, DialogModes.NO );
  } // end of relinkSO()

  function embedLinked() {
      executeAction( stringIDToTypeID('placedLayerConvertToEmbedded'), undefined, DialogModes.NO );
  } // end of embedLinked()
app.activeDocument.suspendHistory("relink SOs", "main()");
  • I'll try this out today, thank you for your help!
    – Arcane
    Commented Mar 2, 2021 at 12:01
  • Okay, I tried using your script as is, and it's successfully relinking objects, but it's doing all smart objects and not just visible ones. Any ideas?
    – Arcane
    Commented Mar 2, 2021 at 13:11
  • @Arcane just tried it — it does only visible ones. Are you sure your hidden ones aren't instances of visible ones? Commented Mar 2, 2021 at 13:18
  • Yes, the hidden layers are instances of the visible ones. ...In the original script, the reason I was using the visible property of the layer was because I couldn't find a way to identify selected layers, but there was a "visible" property that I could use. Would there be a way to use selected layers instead?
    – Arcane
    Commented Mar 2, 2021 at 13:22
  • @Arcane yes, it's possible to use selected layers. But you'll need to break instancing first anyway Commented Mar 2, 2021 at 13:53

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