I have

  1. Azure Synapse Workspace/Analytics setup ( that has built-in serverless pool)
  2. Have Purview account ([Orange-account]) , in which having Purview Studio acccess
  3. I have registered my Synapse Analytics on Purview Studio
  4. I have created database mango in serverless pool
  5. I have granted "Synapse Administrator" access to the [Orange-account]( in Synapse workspace)
  6. Executed this from mango database CREATE USER [Orange-account] FROM EXTERNAL PROVIDER
  7. Executed this from master database EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', [Orange-account]

I am trying to initiate a Scan - so that I could fetch all meta data information from Azure Synapse Serverless pool database mango. But I am unable to create the scan event - as it gives permission issue.

Sharing more details with snapshot below

  1. Snapshot of Sources tab in Purview Studio looks as below

enter image description here

  1. I dont see any database listed in the "Database Name" drop down enter image description here

  2. I entered the database manually and tried "Test Connection" ; that ends up with Error: (3867) Failed to access the Azure SQL data warehouse. The given credential has not been applied or does not have permission on the target database.Learn more  enter image description here

What else can be causing this access issue here?


At ths time the only the dedicated pools is supported . Please see here . Working is in progress for supporting serverless also.

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