I have some very weird behaviour when getting an image from the server

<img src="item.urlPath" />

It happens when I upload a new image from the PWA to server. I'm using graphql subscriptions(websocket), so when the image is finished uploading, a record gets updated with a new urlPath and the img tag belonging to the record is refreshed.

/public/123.png gets overwritten by 

Other clients always get the path update together with a correct download of the new image. However the client that uploads a new image ends up getting a new empty image.

Here's a screenshot of the service-worker cache. On the last line (135) you can see that the image is cached without binary data:

response-type: cors
content-type: application/json (instead of image/jpeg)

enter image description here

I don't understand why the service-worker wants to fetch the new image with content-type application/json.

When I strip the service-worker out of the app, everything works as expected.


const VERSION = "0.0.026"
const filesToCache = ["/"]

const staticCacheName = "cache-v" + VERSION
self.addEventListener("install", (event) => {
  console.log("service-worker.js INSTALL (create cache)")
  // insert new cache
    caches.open(staticCacheName).then((cache) => {
      return cache.addAll(filesToCache)

  console.log("waiting to update")

addEventListener("message", (messageEvent) => {
  if (messageEvent.data === "skipWaiting") {
    return skipWaiting()

// triggered when service-worker has changed (replace old with new one)
self.addEventListener("activate", (event) => {
  console.log("serviceworker.js ACTIVATE (remove old cache")

  const cacheKeepList = [staticCacheName]

  // remove old cache
    caches.keys().then((cacheNames) => {
      return Promise.all(
        cacheNames.map((cacheName) => {
          if (cacheKeepList.indexOf(cacheName) === -1) {
            return caches.delete(cacheName)

self.addEventListener("fetch", (event) => {
  console.log("service-worker.js FETCH event for ", event.request.url)
  // check if the request already exists in the cache
      .match(event.request) // if exist in cache
      .then((response) => {
        // CACHED
        if (response) {
          console.log("Found ", event.request.url, " in cache")
          return response //cached
        // else start network request
        console.log("Network request for ", event.request.url)
        return fetch(event.request).then((response) => {
          // 404
          if (response.status === 404) {
            return caches.match("pages/404.html")
          // else, add response to the cache
          return caches.open(staticCacheName).then((cache) => {
            cache.put(event.request.url, response.clone())
            return response // from network and just cached

      .catch((error) => {
        // Respond with custom offline page
        console.log("Error, ", error)
        return caches.match("pages/offline.html")

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