i have a pwa created with angular 9 , the application is for trading, so data, changes almost every second , my users can create statements and when their statements become true my application will notice them by sending notification , i also have a service worker installed and activated , everything is good in desktop and also in mobile but when mobile screen turns off or pwa minimized , pwa stop working and notifications are not send anymore , i tried background-sync and periodic-background-sync, but wasnt helpful

can anyone give me a clue what i have to do ?

this is my serviceWorker

async function grantPeriodic(){
  const status = await navigator.permissions.query({
    name: 'periodic-background-sync',
  if (status.state === 'granted') {
  } else {

async function periodicSyncFunc(){
  const registration = await navigator.serviceWorker.ready;
  if ('periodicSync' in registration) {
    try {
      await registration.periodicSync.register('content-sync', {
        minInterval:  10000,
    } catch (error) {

self.addEventListener('periodicsync', (event) => {
  if (event.tag === 'content-sync') {

grantPeriodic() ;

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