I have a jhipster generated backend and like to connect a custom Angular frontend using keycloak and oauth2. I left the backend as it gets generated, I only modified the keycloak-realm.json as I need to integrate with an existing LDAP. Then I updated the realm URL, client-id and client-secret in application.yml.

When I start the individual parts (frontend, backend, keycloak), everything seems to work as expected: after login I get redirected to the specified URL with access_token, session_state and token_type as parameters. However when I access any API on the backend it returns "401 Unauthorized" and as a consequence I cannot obtain the User object and associated authorities via account API. I have no clue what I'm missing here, I also compared my frontend part with a jhipster generated frontend but I cannot spot any difference. Maybe I am overlooking something that's happening behind the scenes. My login function redirects to


where jhipster only uses

location.href = `${location.origin}${this.location.prepareExternalUrl('oauth2/authorization/oidc')}`;

Any hints appreciated.

  • to narrow it down a bit: the problem seems to be a bearer error - "invalid_token", error_description="An error occurred while attempting to decode the Jwt: Invalid JWT serialization: Missing dot delimiter(s)", error_uri="tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6750#section-3.1" – werwuifi Feb 20 at 11:38

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