A cider-refresh immediately after a successful cider-jack-in ends up with error:

Syntax error compiling at (*cider-repl my-project:localhost:54396(clj)*:1:1).
No such var: user/reset

Any pointers?

The cider startup command is:

 Startup: lein update-in :dependencies conj \[acyclic/squiggly-clojure\ \"0.1.9-SNAPSHOT\"\] 
 -- update-in :dependencies conj \[nrepl/nrepl\ \"0.8.3\"\] 
 -- update-in :plugins conj \[refactor-nrepl\ \"2.5.0\"\] 
 -- update-in :plugins conj \[cider/cider-nrepl\ \"0.25.8\"\]
 -- repl :headless :host localhost
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    Do you have user/reset defined? – cfrick Feb 20 at 14:31

I have not seen that problem. Also, I do not see a reference to a user-defined "reset" function in CIDER's docs (the feature is nowadays called cider-ns-refresh -- https://docs.cider.mx/cider/usage/misc_features.html) or the docs of the tools.namespace library that CIDER uses (https://github.com/clojure/tools.namespace).

However, there are hooks for functions you want tools.namespace to call before and after refreshing. Perhaps such a hook is configured in your init.el.

  • yep - this was being executed while loading init.el: (defun cider-refresh () (interactive) (cider-interactive-eval (format "(user/reset)"))). Possibly legacy stuff ... Thanks! – beluchin Feb 21 at 11:43

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