I would like to create a container web using terraform. I also would like to deploy it from github. So I need to manage the linux_fx_version property there. When I dont set this in terrraform, I get an error when deploying a container

Error: Deployment Failed with Error: Error: This is not a container web app. Please remove inputs like images and configuration-file which are only relevant for container deployment.

When I set the property in terraform, terraform would apply this setting when I change my infrastructur.

Is there any way to mark a web app container based, or setting this property only when it is not set?

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If you want to set the linux_fx_version property after the Azure app service provisioned. you could configure a custom container for Azure App Service with az webapp config container set. Also, you could use a local-exec Provisioner to invoke a process on the machine running Terraform.

For example, you can provision a Linux App Service which runs multiple Docker Containers from Docker Compose file.

provisioner  "local-exec" {
command =<<EOT
    az webapp config set \
    --resource-group ${azurerm_resource_group.main.name} \
    --name ${azurerm_app_service.main.name} \
    --linux-fx-version "COMPOSE|${filebase64("./compose.yml")}"

enter image description here

Otherwise, to create a web app for containers with terraform, you need to use linux_fx_version to define the container to load on start.

If you're not using App Service Slots and Deployments are handled outside of Terraform - it's possible to ignore changes to specific fields in the configuration using ignore_changes within Terraform's lifecycle block, for example:

resource "azurerm_app_service" "test" {
  # ...
  site_config = {
    # ...
    linux_fx_version = "DOCKER|appsvcsample/python-helloworld:0.1.2"

  lifecycle {
    ignore_changes = [
      "site_config.0.linux_fx_version", # deployments are made outside of Terraform

For more information, read examples of deploying Web App for Containers (Azure App Service) with terraform and examples of using the App Service Resources.

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