I am trying to install ada library adaopengl in opensuse. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful with make command. Also tried by keeping all files under one directory and test the code there. Make object was okay but build failed. Error message shows undefined reference to functions. The problem is linking the files. Did anyone successfully installed adaopengl library found in (http://adaopengl.sourceforge.net/index.php)

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    AdaOpenGL has last been updated in 2003. You might want to try OpenGLAda instead. Full disclosure: I'm the author of that project. – flyx Feb 21 at 9:01
  • @flyx, I have seen it before, but I passed it because it is adapted for windows and gpr. I have linux, no gpr and different ada compiler. However, I read the whole introduction page and you mentioned that it is possible to compile it for linux. I will try by bundling them up in one test directory... – Aschoolar Feb 21 at 12:11
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    You can get OpenGLAda with alire (alire.ada.dev/crates.html) – smionean Feb 21 at 12:37
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    @Aschoolar Some parts of OpenGL are not platform-independent, therefore OpenGLAda has Windows-specific, but also X11-specific and macOS-specific code. It is not primarily targeted at Windows. You should be able to import the code into your project without GPR by just making it part of your sources (in that case you need to copy the linker flags from the .gpr files). If your compiler is not GNAT-based, there may be incompatibilities as I don't have access to other compilers and therefore cannot test that, but you're welcome to open issues since I do want it to work with other compilers. – flyx Feb 21 at 21:08
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    @Aschoolar If you have gnatmake your compiler is GNAT-based and therefore supported. gprbuild is a separate package in Linux so maybe you just need to install it. I don't think you can do an install without gprbuild. gnatmake does understand the environment variable GPR_PROJECT_PATH so you can point that to your copy of OpenGLAda if you don't want to use gprbuild instead of installing it (you will need to supply the scenario variables then as explained in the readme). If you have further problems, it would be better to discuss them in a GitHub issue. – flyx Feb 21 at 21:24