We have created an app that our clients can use to subscribe their pages to our Facebook Developer App. This allows any leads created through Facebook Lead Ads to be sent via Webhook to our CRM.

I have tested this functionality by subscribing a page I am an admin to, to the app and the webhook integration works fine.

However when our client subscribes their other pages to our app, the integration doesn't seem to work. I have tested their page_id and access_token in Postman and I am getting the following error response from Facebook when calling the pages subscribed_apps endpoint:

{ "error": { "message": "(#200) Requires pages_manage_metadata permission to manage the object", "type": "OAuthException", "code": 200, "fbtrace_id": "AWaiNKEXyOOuSDxzQha6G10" } }

I am un-sure why this error is being thrown, as our app does have this permission. It's strange that the integration is working for myself but not for our cilents, can someone shed some advice please?

  • “as our app does have this permission” - from the user in question? What permissions do you get shown when you debug the token? – CBroe Feb 22 at 7:22

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