I want to draw with FMX 2D a TImage, loaded with a sun. This sun should be rotated in a paintbox. Therefor the following procedure is used:

var src, dest: TRectF;
     bmp: TBitmap;
     myAngle: single;
     bmp := TBitmap.Create(round(Right-Left), round(Bottom-Top));
          if bmp.Canvas.BeginScene(nil) then
               src := RectF(PatternIndex * PatternWidth, 0, (PatternIndex + 1) * PatternWidth, PatternHeight);
               dest := RectF(Left, Top, Right, Bottom);
               bmp.Canvas.DrawBitmap(figbig[ImageIndex].Bitmap, src, bmp.BoundsF, 1, false);
               bmp.Rotate(myAngle); // <-- if I deactivate the rotate then the bitmap is shown the right way  
               myCanvas.DrawBitmap(bmp, bmp.BoundsF, dest, 1, false);

For the painting i use application idle. The frame rate is about 1000 per sec. The sun is shown very shortly (perhaps 1-2 seconds), disappears (1-3 seconds) and so on = flickering. When the bmp.rotate is deactivated the sun is shown permanent. What is wrong?

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    Don't use OnIdle to drive an animation. Use a TTimer with Interval = 30. (Also, I don't know FMX, but if this had been VCL it would not have been right to draw outside of the OnPaint handler.) – Andreas Rejbrand Feb 21 at 19:24
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    Without a complete minimal reproducible example I can only guess that the slow pace pulsing is the result of wave interference due to too high repaint frequency in sw vs slower pace physical display refresh rate. A typical computer display has a refresh rate around 100 Hz. – Tom Brunberg Feb 21 at 19:38
  • Just a guess: The bmp.Canvas.BeginScene should be paired with a bmp.Canvas.EndScene, which is missing in your code. – iamjoosy Feb 21 at 20:22
  • @iamjoosy: I don't think it is particularly missing. – Andreas Rejbrand Feb 21 at 20:41
  • @Andreas Yup, you are right -should have looked closer. – iamjoosy Feb 21 at 22:42

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