I am writing a socket programming with Python in order to send/receive a file over TCP.

While I am sending/receiving data, I figured out it neither sent nor received the part of files.

Here is a part to send a part of data based on the size of the buffer.

  msg[i] = file[i].read()
  while 1:
     tdata[i], msg[i] = msg[i][:buf], msg[i][buf:]

     if len(msg[i]) < buf:

Please help me out how to send/receive the whole data completely.

  • Which part of the file is missing? Do you get any errors at the sender or receiver? – Thomas K Jul 8 '11 at 21:55

It will stop sending when len(msg[i]) < buf, so the end of data may be missing.

If you want to send all of msg[i], it's better to do:

while msg[i]:
    tdata[i], msg[i] = msg[i][:buf], msg[i][buf:]

or just send it in one go:


Note that send() will return how many bytes were actually sent (because it won't necessarily send all of them), so if you want to send all (which is usually the case) use sendall() instead.


I would try something like this:

import shutil

shutil.copyfileobj(open('data'), c.makefile('wb'))

This is how the SimpleHTTPServer module does it.

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