I just got an email from Apple asking me to update the privacy data for the data that Facebook SDK collects in my game.

I am using Facebook only for login and to get the user identifier, however, in parallel, Facebook can collect other information.

Here is the Apple message:

While you may not have designed your app to collect the user's data, third-party SDKs may collect data through their integration with your app. As we mentioned in our previous message, you are responsible for everything in your app, including code from third-party partners like analytics tools, advertising networks, and third-party SDKs.

We encourage you to review the privacy practices of any third-party SDKs or libraries you've implemented in your app. Once you have this information, please update your answers to the app privacy questions in App Store Connect as necessary.

Data Collection List:

Contact Info Name -Including first or last name Email Address - Including but not limited to a hashed email address Phone Number - Including but not limited to a hashed phone number Physical Address - Such as a home address, physical address, or mailing address Other User Contact Info - Any other information that can be used to contact the user outside the app

Health & Fitness Health - Health and medical data, including but not limited to from the Clinical Health Records API, HealthKit API, MovementDisorderAPIs, health-related human subject research, or any other user provided health or medical data Fitness - Fitness and exercise data, including but not limited to the Motion and Fitness API

Financial Info

Payment Info - Such as form of payment, payment card number, or bank account number. If your app uses a payment service, the payment information is entered outside your app, and you as the developer never have access to the payment information, it is not Collected and does not need to be declared. Credit Info - Such as credit score Other Financial Info - Such as salary, income, assets, debts, or any other financial information


Precise Location - Information that describes the location of a user or device with the same or greater resolution as a latitude and longitude with three or more decimal places Coarse Location - Information that describes the location of a user or device with lower resolution than a latitude and longitude with three or more decimal places, such as approximate location services

Sensitive Info

Such as racial or ethnic data, sexual orientation, pregnancy or childbirth information, disability, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, political opinion, genetic information, or biometric data


Such as a list of contacts in the user's phone, address book, or social graph

User Content

Emails or Text Messages - Including subject line, sender, recipients, and contents of the email or message Photos or Videos - The user's photos or videos Audio Data - The user's voice or sound recordings Gameplay Content - Such as user-generated content in-game Customer Support - Data generated by the user during a customer support request Other User Content - Any other user-generated content

Browsing History

Information about the content the user has viewed that is not part of the app, such as web sites.

Search History

Information about searches performed in the app


User ID - Such as screen name, handle, account ID, assigned user ID, customer number, probabilistic identifier, or other user- or account-level ID that can be used to identify a particular user or account Device ID - Such as the device's advertising identifier, or other device-level ID


An account's or individual's purchases or purchase tendencies

Usage Data

Product Interaction Such as app launches, taps, clicks, scrolling information, music listening data, video views, saved place in a game, video, or song, or other information about how the user interacts with the app Advertising Data - Such as information about the advertisements the user has seen Other Usage Data -Any other data about user activity in the app


Crash Data - Such as crash logs Performance Data - Such as launch time, hang rate, or energy use Other Diagnostic Data - Any other data collected for the purposes of measuring technical diagnostics related to the app

Other Data Any other data types not mentioned"

Anyone knows that data Facebook collects if you import their SDK into a mobile iOS app?

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