I started a new project with Botman Studio

composer create-project --prefer-dist botman/studio test

then I do update

cd test
composer up

and then installed drivers : facebook and telegram .

composer require botman/driver-facebook
composer require botman/driver-telegram

done with installing

then I do

php artisan key:gen
php artisan serve

I go to localhost , it works fine. I say "hi" it replay "Hello!"

I edit .env file added token Facebook and Telegram


I upload this project to my host

move public file to public_html edit index file

require __DIR__.'/test/vendor/autoload.php';
$app = require_once __DIR__.'/test/bootstrap/app.php';

the host works fine. I tested it Responded to all on web and telegram for every user . But in Facebook it Respond only to me like telegram and web my_domain/botman/tinker . when new user say "hi" , it not respond at all .


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