I'm using Login with Facebook in my app . When I install the APK in another mobile device , I get this error

App not set up . this app is still in development mode .

I searched for this problem and Knew that I have to make my app on Live status in my Facebook developer account . Then I figured that I have to put the privacy policy link and Data Deletion Callback as the attached imageenter image description here

So what should I do to implement this call back ?

  • @CBroe Yes I saw the documentation but in doesn't include the code for the Deletion call back . I searched for it but I can't find anything – Ahmed Elsayed Feb 23 at 11:41
  • The point of documentation is not to provide you with copy&paste-ready code for whatever language you might be using. It describes the process - so that you can then go and implement it. If you are overburdened by that - then the alternative is to just link to a website, where you explain to people what manual steps they can undertake to have their data deleted. – CBroe Feb 23 at 11:46
  • @CBroe Well if I want to implement that callback , I tried that already but I can't find a Deletion interface to implement it . – Ahmed Elsayed Feb 23 at 12:06
  • No idea what you are even talking about there, with “deletion interface”. You need to be able to receive an HTTP request, decode the signed request to get at the relevant data, and then respond with a short JSON data structure, that gives the user their code and URL where they can follow-up on the status of their deletion request. – CBroe Feb 23 at 12:15