I don't want to use an entire package, but I do want to import a few features, such as the "/=" operator. I know that renames allows me to do this with most functions, but with the inequality operator I get the error, explicit definition of inequality not allowed. How do I import this operator without raising the error?

package Integer_Maps is new Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps
 Key_Type => Integer,
 Element_Type => Integer

-- the next line fails!
function "/=" ( Left, Right: Integer_Maps.Cursor ) return Boolean
   renames Integer_Maps."/=";
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    "Explicit overloading of the inequality operator is not allowed", LRM83 6.7 para 4. – Simon Wright Feb 22 at 20:08
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    @SimonWright I cited the 2012 LRM 6.6 in my answer below, but I do find it interesting that they removed/rephrased that sentence in one of the subsequent LRM's. – John Perry Feb 23 at 1:09

You could do a use type Integer_Maps.Cursor; which gives visibility of the operators on the type.

For the container cursors, it might also be practical to do a use all type Integer_Maps.Cursor; which gives visibility of all the primitive operations on the type, like Key and Element.

I usually put use type and use all type clauses in the innermost enclosing scope (i.e. inside subprograms) where they're needed, like so:

   procedure Foo is
       use all type Integer_Maps.Cursor; 
       for Cursor in My_Map.Iterate loop
            (Integer'Image(Key(Cursor)) & " ->" & Integer'Image(Element(Cursor)));
       end loop;
   end Foo;
  • Thank you. I tried this yesterday but gnat didn't like it with two different Cursor types in the global scope. I'll try this again later today when I'm at home. – John Perry Feb 23 at 15:39

You don't! not directly, at any rate. Renaming the equality operator "=", and you get inequality for free.

-- this line succeeds!
function "=" ( Left, Right: Integer_Maps.Cursor ) return Boolean
   renames Integer_Maps."=";

This is similar to overriding the operators. See ARM 6.6, in particular Static Semantics.

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    You could also do a use type Integer_Maps.Cursor; – egilhh Feb 22 at 20:12
  • @egilhh Thanks; I was not aware of that, but if I'm using several containers, will that cause problems with the names? – John Perry Feb 23 at 1:14
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    no, there should be no problems with the names. Since you weren't aware of use type, I've submitted an answer about it (and use all type) – egilhh Feb 23 at 5:53

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