I'm using stack and my Haskell project has the standard shape:

├── app
│   └── Main.hs
├── README.md
├── Setup.hs
├── src
│   ├── Lib.hs
│   └── ...
├── stack.yaml
├── package.yaml
├── test
│   └── Suit1.hs
│   └── Suit2.hs
│   └── TestUtility.hs
└── MyProject.cabal

I have two test suits Suit1 and Suit2 whcih share a common code in TestUtility. However I'm failing to import this common code!

import TestUtility

Fails with Could not find module ‘TestUtility’. Looking at the verbose output of GHC, I can tell that it's only looking at the src and app folders for modules. How do I tell it to look at the test folder?

In my package.yaml I'm using the following:

    main:                Suite1.hs
    source-dirs:         test
    - -threaded
    - -rtsopts
    - -with-rtsopts=-N
    - -main-is Suite1
    - TestUtility.hs ## Doesn't seem to be doing anything
    - acme-missiles

So my main question is, what do I need to add so that GHC sees other files in the test directory but only for test suits (don't want to export that in the library)?

Secondary question, is why is GHC lookin in the app folder? Is that default behavior, or is is derived from where the executables are?

  • Looking at one of my package.yaml files that work, the only difference that jumps out is that mine has no other-modules section. I think it's supposed to just pick up all the files in your test folder. Have you tried to remove the other-modules section? – Mark Seemann Feb 23 at 7:11
  • Where is the Programs.Programs? I'm wondering if the build error is coming at a different stage than compiling tests? – Masse Feb 23 at 7:53
  • Removing other-modules has no effect. It's not looking for files in the test folder. – Santiago Cuellar Feb 23 at 14:28
  • Sorry, that was a typo. Programs.Programs should have been TestUtility – Santiago Cuellar Feb 23 at 14:29
  • Unrelated to your question, you have a typo in suite – Jon Purdy Feb 23 at 19:01

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