I have a custom @Query which returns 0 results when I try to filter data using HQL (should return 1 result)

@Query("SELECT ...
FROM ...
WHERE ...")
Set<SomeObject> find...(@Param("param") String param,...)

but when I use repository.findAll() and filter the data using streams in Java I get the result I need. FYI I filter the data using exactly the same conditions as in the query.

Any ideas why this happens?

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    It would be better to let us see your query. – Dren Feb 22 at 22:30
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    Also your entities considering that you use HQL – Boug Feb 22 at 22:40
  • ¿Why you implement the findAll() method? It is implemented by default, try to use it – UrbanoJVR Feb 22 at 23:12
  • And also how you filter using the streams api. – Jens Schauder Feb 23 at 7:22

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