I am trying to set Label font colors, like this:

See Image

  • TLabel1.Font.Color := clGreen;
  • TLabel2.Font.Color := clBlue;
  • TLabel3.Font.Color := clRed;

But when I choose a Custom Style:

  • Project -> Options -> Application -> Appearance -> Custom Styles
  • Enable 'TableDark' and set it as the 'Default style':

See Image

And then run the program, this is what I get:

See Image

The Label font color goes back to white (this only happen if I use one of the Custom Styles), but I really need the custom Styles ON in my program, and I also want the font colors for the Labels to remain colored and not white.

Is there any way to fix this?

  • Is this with VCL or FMX? If VCL, have you tried removing the seFont bit from the TLabel.StyleElements property? If FMX, have you tried using TLabel.FontColor instead of TLabel.Font.Color, or removing the FontColor bit from the TLabel.StyledSettings property? – Remy Lebeau Feb 23 at 1:50

The Vcl Styles determine the properties (like e.g. color) of a labels text. This can, however, be overruled by

  • removing seFont from the labels StyleElements

  • changing Font properties as needed

In code you can e.g. write

  Label4.StyleElements := Label4.StyleElements - [seFont];
  Label4.Font.Color := clRed;

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