I have two different tables like this...

TblDepartment : DeptId, DeptName

TblEmployee : EmpId, DeptId, DeptName

Now due to some error there are some wrong mappings in employee table of deptId and deptName (DeptName mapped with wrong DeptId)

I want to figure out those DeptIds...

Any help will be appreciated...

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    Join the two tables based on dept id and select the results where department name are not equal using where clause. Also the question should state what have you tried and which table contains the correct data. – Kryptonian Feb 23 at 10:14
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    What's the point, however, of storing the department name and department id in the employee table? Part of having a foreign key is that the only information you store is said key; the rest of the related information is in the foriegn table. DeptName should not be a column in the table tblEmployee. When you need the name, JOIN to TblDepartment. – Larnu Feb 23 at 10:16
  • I know there is no point of storing data in such manner, but it is 10 year old application and I can't change it now – learner1 Feb 23 at 10:20
  • "I can't change it now" Yes you can. Something that has been wrong for years doesn't make it "right". – Larnu Feb 23 at 10:22
  • It has 40 lakh+ rows, making changes in it will be very time consuming – learner1 Feb 23 at 10:54

Use NOT EXISTS to get all the employees for which their DeptId and DeptName do not match (both) a department:

FROM TblEmployee e
  FROM TblDepartment d 
  WHERE d.DeptId = e.DeptId AND d.DeptName = e.DeptName

one of the best solutions for comparing two tables is using checksum like the below link :


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