I have an app that configures a passpoint network for Android 10/Q and that works fine. To do that, I am using;


I want to remove it now using with the method below as instructed in the docs;


But it does not work since it requires system permissions;

Requires android.Manifest.permission.NETWORK_SETTINGS or android.Manifest.permission.NETWORK_CARRIER_PROVISIONING

I am using the Suggestions API for Android 11/R but cannot use it for Android 10 or lower since the method add a passpoint configuration is only available for Android 11.

Is it common that a new API/class is released and not backwards compatible for at least the previous version? Why do I need to use different classes/API's to achieve the same result?


Which is the older method we could use no longer works if you are targeting Android 10 either. So now I can install a profile for Android 10 using the method mentioned earlier but cannot check if it exists or remove it.

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