So this one is likely to be a simple solution but has me tearing my hair out.

I am using Cypress to drive my automation and removing documents from collections using delete many.

I had been using the delete all documents option {} however I now need some data to persist so only want to delete a subset of ids:

    for (var x in $data) {
        var id = $data[x]["_id"]["$oid"];
        arr.push(new ObjectId(id));
    _collectionQuery = { _id: { $in: arr } };

the data is structured as follows:

        "_id": {
          "$oid": "56f3ff91b760388cb9e70cbd"

When I run the script I get an error:

" [{ "_bsontype": "ObjectID", "id": { "type": "Buffer", "data": [86, 243, 255, 145, 183, 96, 56, 140, 185, 231, 12, 189] } }] is not a valid ObjectId"

Fairly obvious what the error means but I am unsure what I am doing wrong?

EDITED I have also tried mongoose with the same error: mongoose.Types.ObjectId(id);

  • You seem to be confusing ObjectId and Extended JSON representation of ObjectId. The two are not the same thing. – D. SM Feb 24 at 6:31

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