I have a Blender file that contains some curves shapes. These curves have some shape keys and I'd like to export it to a glTF file to be consumed by Three.js.

The problem is that exported glTF does not include the shape keys animations for the curves.

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    Sorry, glTF only supports meshes, not curves. – emackey Feb 24 at 0:36
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    As emackey said, you're going to have to convert your curves into a tessellated mesh before exporting with glTF. – Marquizzo Feb 24 at 3:14
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    Blender's paths/edges and points can also be exported, after github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO/pull/717, not just triangle meshes. But curves must still be converted to one of those. – Don McCurdy Feb 24 at 6:31

The glTF 2.0 format supports triangle meshes, lines/edges, and points. It does not directly support curves or NURBS. Blender's glTF exporter does have the ability to export all three primitive types (in recent versions) or to bake static curves and surfaces to meshes, but I don't think that it can bake animations on those curves. I think you would need to do that before exporting from Blender, and I'm not sure how — https://blender.stackexchange.com/ might be the place to ask on that topic.

  • Thanks a lot, @Don! It saved me days. – Theo B Mar 14 at 19:09

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