I wanted to make script where you put your user token and it will leave discord server any ideas or working scripts? (it will be website)


As per discord terms of service the use of "self bots" is not allowed

A "self bot" is when a normal discord user account is automated in some way, for example leaving all servers or automatically sending messages.

Another reason why this is not recommended is the security concern, how does the user know that your website won't steal their token and "hack" their account?

Saying that there is of course a way to do it neglecting terms of service and user safety. A starting point would be the discord API or a discord library like discord.js. I won't spoon-feed you code, do some research your self and if you encounter a more specific problem come back and ask.

  • it wont be public it will be only for myself
    – Amogus
    Feb 24 at 11:48
  • Okay @Amogus but the first reason still applies. It is against the terms and can get you banned if detected. But if you are willing to take the risk go ahead and try. Also, if you found that I answered your question please accept it by clicking the checkmark under the vote button.
    – TheMole
    Feb 24 at 11:52
  • but im looking for code for it ii tried using api but it doesnrt worked
    – Amogus
    Feb 24 at 11:56

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