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"In My summary report Total Samplers = 11944 My total Average response = 2494 mili-second = 2.49 seconds.

What i understand from here 11944 samplers are processed in average of 2.49 seconds.That means my test actually should processed for 11944 x 2.49 Seconds = 82 hours.But it actually ran about 15-20 mints max.

So trying to understand,is it reduced execution time due to JMeter parallel/multiple thread execution or i am understanding it wrong way.

I want to know a single request average response time"

  • How many threads you used? 40? Feb 24, 2021 at 14:04
  • 50 threads and ran for duration 6 minutes Feb 24, 2021 at 14:06

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JMeter calculates response time as:

  • Sum of all Samplers response times
  • Divided by the number of samplers

basically it's arithmetic mean of all samplers response times.

11944 x 2.49 / 3600 gives 8.2 hours and yes, this is how much time it would take to execute the test with a single user, the amount of time will reduce proportionally depending on the number of threads used

More information:


It depends on threads number you used

For example if you used 50 threads 12K Samples/requests and each time took (average of) 2.5 seconds

12000  *  2.5    /     50    /    60           = 10 minutes
^          ^           ^          ^
requests  avg. sec     threads   sec per minute

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