_cmd.CommandText.Text := 'INSERT INTO caixas(`operador`,`terminal`,`val_abertura,`turno`,'+
            '`data_abertura`,`nr_venda`,`STATUS`) VALUES( :oper , :term , :val_abertura , :turno , CURDATE() , 0 , 1)';
_cmd.ParamByName('oper').DataType := ftInteger;
_cmd.ParamByName('oper').Value := uid;

on runtime i get

First chance exception at $7510A8B2. Exception class EDatabaseError with message 'Parameter 'oper' not found'. Process lrmgr.exe (5684)

And honestly i really don't know why, because i use this a lot(generating the CommandText at runtime) in a lot of different places in my code and only here i'm getting this problem

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    Remove the back quotes in the field list. – fpiette Feb 24 at 14:39
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    You have _cmd.ResourceOptions.ParamCreate := false; or _cmd.ResourceOptions.PreprocessCmdText := false; anywhere? Or some other option that turns off building the param list when CommandText changes? – Brian Feb 24 at 14:53
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    why do your fields in your field list have back qoutes ? And why does val_abertura has such a quote on the left but not on the right ? – GuidoG Feb 24 at 15:47

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